Glucose-6-Phosphate Isomerase

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Immunization with human glucose-6-phosphate isomerase (hG6PI) protein or with several of its peptides induces arthritis in DBA/1 mice. We investigated G6PI peptide-induced arthritis in C57BL/10 mice and the effect of oxidative burst on disease. To study the arthritogenicity of G6PI peptides and its immune dependency, we used genetically modified and congenic mice on the C57BL/10 background and in vitro T- and B-cell assays. hG6PI(325-339) peptide induced arthritis in C57BL/10 mice. The disease was associated with major histocompatibility complex class II and was dependent on T cells, B cells, and complement C5. Th1 and Th17 cells primed with the hG6PI(325-339) peptide cross-reacted with the murine G6PI protein. The severity of the disease increased in mice carrying a mutation in Ncf1 (Ncf1*/*), which abolishes the NADPH oxidase 2 complex oxidative burst. Ncf1*/* mice developed arthritis also on immunization with the mouse G6PI325-339 peptide and in the absence of C5. The antibody responses to the G6PI protein and peptides were minimal in both Ncf1*/* and wild-type mice. Herein is described G6PI peptide as the first peptide to induce arthritis in C57BL/10 mice. The differences between the wild-type and Ncf1*/* mice suggest that an alternative complement-independent arthritogenic pathway could be operative in the absence of oxidative burst.

Pizzolla A, Wing K, Holmdahl R. Am J Pathol. 2013;183(4):1144-55.

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