In-House Antibody Production and Validation

We here at Phoenix Pharmaceuticals produce 99%+ of the antibodies we sell in-house. This provides us several advantages over the typical buy-and-sell option.

  • Production of proprietary antigens
  • Validation of antibody specificity by immunoassay
  • Antibody evaluation for specific applications (e.g. immunohistochemistry, Western Blot)
  • Reliable antibody supply and tracking system to individual hosts
  • Custom antigen synthesis and subsequent custom antibody production
  • Ongoing research opportunities both in-house and in collaboration with the scientific community

antibody validation evaluation reliable standardize

Antibody Specificity

Antibody specificity is primary tested via immunoassay, comparing binding to various potential antigens. Specificity is also often tested by immunohistochemistry, using negative controls with pre-absorption of targeted peptides/proteins. The ability of an antibody to detect its targeted antigen in different biological samples (e.g. blood, tissue) is validated using various purification processes (immunoprecipitation, western blot, HPLC) and mass spectrometry analysis.

Antibody Evaluation for Different Applications

Some antibodies work well in assays (e.g. RIA, ELISA), while others are more suitable for immunohistochemistry or Western Blot. We evaluate our antibodies in different conditions in order to determine their specificity, sensitivity, and binding affinity. We can then assist you in choosing the right antibody for your research application.

Reliable Antibody Supply for Reproducibility

For each of our in-house antibodies, we also synthesize its unique antigen. This ensures purity and consistency of antigen source. Antibodies are also raised in large batches, with a single source providing up to a 10-year stable supply for the general scientific research market. Strict QC/QA procedures and inventory systems are in place according to both ISO9001 and CE regulations to ensure all of our antibodies are traceable back to the original source.

Scientific Research and Publications

Since we raise our own antibodies, we can conduct a variety of in-house research. Additionally, we provide our antibodies to select collaborators in the scientific community for additional antibody characterization. These ongoing research programs support our efforts in antibody validation, product development, and quality improvement. These findings are then often presented at scientific meetings and/or published in peer-reviewed journals.

The following are examples of our research work when characterising our anitbodies in identifying Neuronostatin, Phoenixin, and INSL-3.

Neuronostatin Antibody

massspec microsequencing and radioimmmunoassay neuronostatinCross-reactivity of human neuronostatin antibody in EIA and RIA Kits

Phoenixin Antibody

crossreactivity phoenixincrossreactivity phoenixin
fluorescence staining phoenixin
 immunoprecipitation and massspec phoenixin

Human INSL 3 Antibody

Determination of INSL3 levels
western blot of INSL 3western blot of INSL 3
Plasma INSL3 Level
Plasma INSL3 c peptide Level