Defensin 2, beta (Human) - ELISA Kit


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EK-072-37 96 wells $503

  • Protocol:
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  • Sample Preparation:
  • Suggested Procedure
  • Measured Sample Levels: polaroid
    Measured values represent approximate 'normal' levels in sample, but do not signify the only possible sample levels. Various factors (e.g. sample storage, assay procedure) can affect results.
  • Human Plasma: 303 pg/ml
    Human Serum: 500 pg/ml
  • Sensitivity: polaroid
    Data may differ slightly based on lot.
  • 15.6 pg/ml
  • Linear Range: polaroid
    Data may differ slightly based on lot.
  • 15.6 - 1000 pg/ml
  • Cross Reactivity:
  • Peptide %
    Beta-Defensin 2 (Human) 100
    Beta-Defensin 1 (36 a.a.) 0
    Beta-Defensin 1 (47 a.a.) 0
    Beta-Defensin 3 0

  • Intra-assay variation:
  • <10%
  • Inter-assay variation:
  • <15%
Standard Curve:

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