Custom Antibody Production

We go beyond simple antibody production. We are best known for our ability to guide and customize your antibody for your specific research needs. Our experts can recommend what peptide sequence is predicted to yield the highest affinity antibody. And we can help you choose between raising a C-terminal or N-terminal specific antibody.

All of our antibodies are polyclonal and raised in rabbits.


Our standard anitbody production package includes the following.

  • Immunzation in 2 rabbits
  • 3 boostings using antigen
  • 1 pre-immune bleeding (2 ml)
  • 1st bleeding at week 10 (10 ml)
  • 2nd bleeding at week 14 (10 ml)
  • 3rd bleeding at week 18 (10 ml)
Additional Services:
  • IgG purification (by protein A affinity column)
  • Affinity purification (by magnetic bead technology)
  • antiserum titer check (by immunoassay)


Custom Antibody Production

We specialize in high quality antibody production in rabbits. We can customize everything from the synthesis of the antigen, attachment to a carrier protein, collection schedule of the antiserum, titer analysis, and antibody purification.

Additionally, this custom antibody can be used to develop a unique immunoassay.