Radioactive Isotope Labeling

Radioactively labeled peptides provide a highly-sensitive detection method without common problems associated with other labeling methods, such as spurious fluorescence, enzymatic activity, or steric problems. Design your own radioimmunoassay or ligand binding study with I-125 and 3-H labeled peptides.

Custom peptides can also be synthesized with modification by acetylation, phosphorylation, amidation, succinylation, butyrylation and specific disulfide bridge cross-linking.

For labeling using biotin, fluorescent dyes, or stable isotopes, please click here.

radioactive peptide labeling

Phoenix Pharmaceuticals offers a wide range of peptide / protein labeling options, from fluorescent dyes to stable isotopes to radioactive labeling. We can help determine the best option for your research, whether it be for receptor binding, localization, or assay development.