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Alcadeins - Calsyntenin-3 Alcadeins, Calsyntenin-3 derived peptides restore neuronal viability Alzheimers 10-Apr-2023
Gelsolin Results show bioactive Gelsolin derived peptides affect blood-glucose in-vitro Obesity 12-Jan-2023
TREM2/TREML2 TREM2 and TREML2 are two opposing receptors involved in neurological diseases Neuropeptide 17-Oct-2022
Glucose-dependent Insulinotropic Polypeptide (GIP) prepro GIP (22-51) levels can be measured in an EIA kit for cardiovascular research Cardiovascular 13-Sep-2022
INSL 5 INSL5 analog 13 (A13) and RXFP4 agonist INSL5-A13 for INSL5 receptor studies Diabetes 12-Sep-2022
rMRAP2 MRAP2 proteins are being investigated for their link to obesity and metabolism Obesity 18-Aug-2022
SARS-Cov-2 Comparing Omicron and subvariants of SARS-CoV-2 spike RBM Anti-Microbial 21-Jun-2022
uORF MP-31 Search for novel micropeptides leads to discovery of uORF MP-31 Cancer 14-Jun-2022
Somatostatin Studying poison fishhunter venom and somatostatin lead to new drug candidates Neuropeptide 1-Apr-2022
FGF-23 cFGF23 levels in human plasma and serum detected with Phoenix products Diabetes 21-Mar-2022
KP-1 Klotho derived peptide, KP-1, appears to protect kidneys and block TGF-beta signaling. Obesity 04-Mar-2022
LEAP-2 Phoenix has a variety of LEAP-2 products and reagents for obesity research efforts Diabetes 09-Feb-2022
C-alpha-peptide Levels of C-alpha-peptide are clinically relevant for Diabetes research Obesity 4-Dec-2021
dLEU1 Research for dLEU1 as a new biomarker for aggressive cancers Cancer 22-May-2021
Suprabasin Suprabasin-derived bioactive peptides identified by plasma peptidomics Cancer 7-May-2021
Serum Amyloid A-1 EIA Kit for long sequence synthetic peptide of SAA1 protein now available! Cardiovascular 20-Apr-2021
ODAPH Protein Mutations in ODAPH proteins are linked to cancers and mandibular recession Cancer 15-Apr-2021
Protein Kinase Inhibitor (PKI) Protein Kinase Inhibitor (PKI) peptides are part of an extremely active signaling network Cancer 31-Mar-2021
GRINL1A GRINL1A is a neuropeptide that is showing us new receptor interactions Cancer 14-Mar-2021
Coronavirus (Human) (HCoV) Here are some available tools and molecules to discover treatments for SARS-CoV-2 Anti-Microbial 01-Jan-2021
PROTAC PROTAC peptides open new possibilities for discovery of future therapies Alzheimers 22-Nov-2020
PF4 New Radioimmunoassays developed to study the beneficial properties of PF4 at picogram scale Anti-Microbial 8-Oct-2020
Defensin4 Beta Defensin-4 Beta peptides are great candidates to research antiviral therapies. Anti-Microbial 9-Sep-2020
BRAWNIN BRAWNIN is a mitochondrial peptide, central to vertebrate oxidative phosphorylation Obesity 18-May-2020
Endogenous Defensin-Like peptides Defensin-like peptides exhibit therapeutic activity for acute respiratory distress Anti-Microbial 24-Apr-2020
PRIMA1 Proline-rich Membrane Anchor 1 (PRIMA1) Protein from the GPCR Network Cancer 27-Jan-2020
GPR15L GPR15L, a new Chemokine for Lymphocyte Cancer 12 - Dec - 2019
eCIRP Cold-inducible RNA binding protein (CIRP) has a role in mediating inflammation Cardiovascular 24-Sept-2019
Amyloid beta 40-S26C Discover the important role of AB dimers in Alzheimer's pathogenesis Alzheimers 26-Aug-2019
Neurogranin Neurogranin as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease stage markers Alzheimers 23-Aug-2019