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Phoenixin Phoenixin is a highly bio-active neuropeptide that shows an ability to protect our brain cells Neuropeptide 05-Jun-2020
BRAWNIN BRAWNIN is a mitochondrial peptide, central to vertebrate oxidative phosphorylation Obesity 18-May-2020
Coronavirus (Human) (HCoV) Receptor-Binding Domain (RBD) of SARS-COV-2 S protein is here! Anti-Microbial 28-Apr-2020
Endogenous Defensin-Like peptides Defensin-like peptides exhibit therapeutic activity for acute respiratory distress Anti-Microbial 24-Apr-2020
PRIMA1 Proline-rich Membrane Anchor 1 (PRIMA1) Protein from the GPCR Network Cancer 27-Jan-2020
SPAG11A / SPAG11B / SPAG11C New SPAG11A & SPAG11B receptors for orphan GPCRs Cancer 31-Dec-2019
GPR15L GPR15L, a new Chemokine for Lymphocyte Cancer 12 - Dec - 2019
eCIRP Cold-inducible RNA binding protein (CIRP) has a role in mediating inflammation Cardiovascular 24-Sept-2019
Amyloid beta 40-S26C Discover the important role of AB dimers in Alzheimer's pathogenesis Alzheimers 26-Aug-2019
Neurogranin Neurogranin as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease stage markers Alzheimers 23-Aug-2019
Survivin Tumor Peptide Antigen from Survivin as immunogen for immunotherapy on tumors Cancer 17-Aug-19
PF4 Exercise Activated PF4 to Promote Hippocampal Precursor Proliferation and Neuronal Differentiation Anti-Microbial 3-Apr-2019
DILP Drosophila insulin-like peptides increase lifespan Diabetes 25-Mar-2019
MIEF-1 MIEF-1 implicated in cell immunity and neuronal function Alzheimers 14-Feb-2019
Pro-ghrelinKit Immunoassay kits for Bioactive Appetite-Regulating Pro-ghrelin Detection Obesity 09-Jan-2019
CTLA-4 Cytotoxic T lymphocyte antigen-4 (CTLA-4) potentiates regulatory T-cell function Obesity 29-Oct-2018
Osteopontin Osteopontin controls activation of hepatic stellate cells and is essential for liver fibrogenesis Cancer 29-Oct-2018
BNP Blood BNP molecular forms for risk stratification and prediction of outcome after AMI Alzheimers 30-Aug-2018
Insulin Pancreatic-cell released insulin peptide fragment in bloodstream triggers diabetes Diabetes 21-Aug-2018
Apelin An endogenous ligand of the human orphan receptor APJ Cardiovascular 17-Aug-2018
Pancreastatin Blood Pancreastatin Detection Using Fluorescent Immunoassay Kit Obesity 16-Aug-2018
Synuclein 41-Syn, a truncated peptide that plays a crucial role in Dopamine Homeostasis. Alzheimers 13-Aug-2018
ILP ILP-2 supplementation overrides suppression signaling of reproduction Obesity 9-Aug-2018
Mitochondrial peptides Mitochondrial Peptides Elicits Endothelial Cell Contraction and Pro-inflammatory Responses Cardiovascular 06-July-2018
Spexin Circulating Spexin Levels Negatively Correlate With Age, BMI, Fasting Glucose, and Triglycerides Neuropeptide 18-June-2018
LCDV Secreted viral Insulin-like peptides activate human insulin and IGF-1 receptor signaling Diabetes 24-Apr-2018
TNFR TNFR derived peptide inhibiting TNF-p38 signaling axis and inflammation Cancer 13-Apr-2018
APLP Secreted biomarkers identified from APP and APLP1 for Alzheimer’s research Alzheimers 8-Mar-2018
TCApF Novel secreted peptides from TCApF precursor for cancer treatment Cancer 21-Feb-2018
LEAP-2 You can now quantify LEAP-2 levels in plasma, serum, tissue homogenates, and cell culture Obesity 28-Dec-2017