CART (55-102) (Rat, Mouse, Bovine) - Antibody


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  • Host:
  • Rabbit
  • Clonality:
  • Polyclonal
  • Protocol:
  • View/Download (PDF) - for reference only
  • Recommended Dilution:
  • Immunofluorescence: 1:2000
    PAP or ABC: 1:10000
  • Solubility:
  • Reconstitute with 50 µl of distilled water for the equivalent of undiluted antiserum.
  • Storage:
  • Please store the lyophilized antibody at -20°C upon receipt for up to 24 months. For optimal results, use the antibody immediately after reconstitution. Once reconstituted, the antibody is stable for up to three (3) days at 4°C. For longer-term storage up to three (3) months, prepare small aliquots of the reconstituted antibody and freeze at -20°C or -80°C. Repeated freeze-thaw cycles should be strictly avoided.
  • Contents:
  • Each vial contains 50 µl of lyophilized rabbit antiserum.

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