Adrenomedullin (1-50) (Rat) - RIA Kit


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RK-010-08 125 tubes $880

  • Protocol:
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  • Sample Preparation:
  • Suggested Procedure
  • Sample Extraction:
  • Recommended
  • Sensitivity: polaroid
    Data may differ slightly based on lot.
  • 174.5 pg/ml
  • Standard Range:
  • 100 - 12800 pg/ml
  • Cross Reactivity:
  • Peptide %
    Adrenomedullin (Rat) 100
    Adrenomedullin (Human) 0
    Pro-Adrenomedullin N20 (Human) 0
    Pro-Adrenomedullin N20 (Rat) 0
    Amylin (Human) 0
    ET-1 (Human, Bovine, Canine, Mouse, Porcine, Rat) 0
    CGRP (Rat) 0
    Calcitonin (Rat) 0
    Calcitonin (Salmon) 0

  • Radioactivity:
  • Each kit contains 1.5 µCi of Iodine 125.
  • Disclaimer:
  • This package conforms to the 49 CFR173.421 for expected radioactive material limited quantity, N.O.S. UN2910.

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